There are 4 steps to making a video:

  1. Planning
  2. Recording
  3. Editing
  4. Uploading


Decide what your video is going to be about. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell jokes
  • Review a video game
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Act out a story
  • Do a dance to a popular song
  • Video diary

Take a sheet of paper and write down what you plan to do. Some people like to write down every word they will say and then read it out in the video. Some people just write down general topics.


Videos come in many different screen resolutions. Higher resolutions look better but need more disk space and more expensive equipment.

We are going to use 1920x1080. This is the most popular resolution on Youtube and is also called HD or 1080p.

It is best if you select this resolution in both the recording program and the editing program.

You can also select the framerate. If you are recording something that moves fast like video games it will look better if you use 60 FPS, but for everything else the best option is 30 FPS.


There are many devices that can record video, e.g.:

  • Web cam
  • Mobile phone
  • Digital camera
  • Camcorder

We are going to use the web cam on your computer.

For this you will need to install OBS.

OBS has two uses:

  1. Streaming live video (and gameplay) to sites such as Twitch.
  2. Recording video to your computer.

We are going to use it for recording. Watch this:

Record at least 60 seconds of video. This can be done all in one video, or you can record several short videos that you will edit together later to make one longer video.


Watch this video to see some other things you can do:


We need another program to edit the videos we have recorded. Watch this:

Install OpenShot.

Import all your videos and arrange them on the timeline.

If there is any silence or mistakes, edit it out.

Add at least one title to the video.

Export your video so you have a final mp4 video file you can share.


Do a transition between 2 videos, as shown here:


To share your finished video with other people, you can upload it to sites such as Youtube or TikTok. You must show your video to your parents first and make sure they think it is OK to upload.

Once you have uploaded a video, or shared a video with anyone, it can be impossible to take it back as you cannot control any copies anyone else may have made. So be sure you are happy for the whole world to see your video now and in the future.

Never make any videos containing nudity - it’s illegal!