Scratch Beginners

If you have done little or no Scratch before, you will be doing these projects.

You don’t have to print these but it might be easier if you do.
Click on a project and then click the printer icon to get a version you can print-out.

  1. Deep sea sushi
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Boat Race
  4. Mosquito patrol
  5. Rock band
  6. Lost in space
  7. Snowball fight

Scratch Intermediate

If you have done lots of Scratch before:

  1. Pattern pen
  2. Chatbot
  3. Clone wars
  4. Paint box
  5. Username generator
  6. CATS!
  7. Synchronised swimming
  8. Beat the goalie

Scratch Advanced

  1. Ada’s Poetry Generator
  2. Line up
  3. Falling stars
  4. Guess the flag
  5. Flower generator
  6. Fart catcher
  7. Flappy parrot
  8. Binary hero


Look After Yourself Projects