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We will use the Mu editor to create programs to build things in Minecraft Java Edition. Please bring a copy of Minecraft Java Edition.


  • My game RetroWar is out. Watch video.

  • Minecraft. download a PDF of programs and print it yourself here. If you haven’t finished the Minecraft programs you can carry on with them. If you have finished then talk to me, some ideas for more:
    • write a program that allows different players on the server to build different things based on what they type.
    • draw some shapes with the Minecraft turtle
    • check how everyone is doing individually
  • If you have finished any Pygame Zero games, I now know how to distribute them.

  • Talk about:

    • components of a computer. List them, diagram them.

    • What is an operating system? Make list and compare them.

    • Compilers and interpreters. History of open source / free software.

  • How to install Linux or try Linux from USB stick.

    • What is BIOS? How to get to it?

    • What can you do with a server?

  • Group to install Linux on Nick’s PC.

  • Group to investigate if Nick’s other PC works.

  • 3d games: Try out LeoCAD .

  • Want more Python programming? Try CodeCombat Class code is CookHappyBread (First levels are free but we would have to pay if we decide to carry on.)