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Quick reminders from last week

Some of you are very good about asking to borrow things, but I have noticed some of you forget to ask and take things without asking. Last week some people borrowed my iPad and then later I found it had some big scratches on the screen. Now it might not have been anyone there who caused this, it might have got scratched earlier in the day, but it would be better to avoid any doubt and not use other people’s things without asking!

Also, we had some complaints about the singing of rude songs, so please try not to be too loud or rude!

This week

We will have two groups this evening, A & B, you can decide which you want to do.

Group A: Programming

If you have problems with your trackpad when playing Minecraft try one of these solutions

  • If you’ve finished the Mincraft stuff, I am creating a new library for 3d games. It’s quite experimental, but you can give it a try and see whether it works. You will need to install the richlib package in Mu.

  • Print these Richlib programs and bring them with you.

Group B: Hardware

Talk about servers.

Task 1 - Linux server

  • Fix up the case on the Linux server
  • Install AdventuresInMinecraft server on it
  • Sort out remote admin of Minecraft server?
  • Add user accounts for more people?
  • Add more servers? Web/SSH/chat

Task 2 - Try Linux on your laptop

Task 3 - See if Nick’s other PC works