If you want to continue with Minecraft programming you can do that. (Programming, not playing!)

Linux seems to be working on the old PC. I’d like someone to setup a Minecraft server on it. You will need to check what sort of server everyone would like.

Otherwise, we will start using my new 3d Python library. It is still experimental so you will need to install the latest version, even if you have it from last week!

If you are using Mu then add the package richlib==0.0.5

If you are using IDLE then type at the command line:

pip3 install richlib==0.0.5

Programs to print:

Programs 1-4

Programs 5-8

Richlib is similar to Pygame Zero, but there are some differences.

You now have to put


at the end of your programs.

This calls a method in Richlib. You can’t see it, but what it does is something like this:

def run():
    while True: