Note new time, 5pm.

For this sesion I won’t be teaching any coding but we will have a meeting where anyone is free to attend and discuss


  • Summer holidays

  • Day and time

  • Laptops
    • Installing Linux on laptops
    • Updating Macbooks
    • mice
  • What to do this term
    • Book (soon)
    • Pygame projects
    • (Investigate if we can do Blender, Godot)
  • Practise at home
    • maybe some exercises that we dont have time in session for
    • Code Combat
    • On going projects
  • Typing tutor
  • PC building
    • old PCs?
    • no Linux?!
  • Minecraft
    • how to use skins?
    • server might need reinstall
    • who will be server op?
    • what will rules be?
    • when should we play?
    • can we integrate coding with playing?