Over the past year we have coded many different types of games, most recently visual novels.Visual novels evolved from an older genre of game called text adventures. In the 1980s text adventures were some of the most popular games in the world, yet today they are very rarely played, so you may never have seen one. We will learn some computing history and see how easy it is to create this sort of game with Python.

This will be done at your home. Each week I will send out some videos to watch, questions to answer and exercises to do. We will have a Zoom meeting where we can chat about what you’re dong and you can ask for help if you are stuck. At the end of the week you send your work to me via email or Discord.


  1. Check the Discord chat every day for new messages.

  2. Parents set aside a couple of hours per week for you to work and check what you’ve done.

  3. Activities will be labelled Level One, Level Two or Level Three. Younger kids should stop after completing Level One, older kids can go on to also complete Level Two and Level Three.


To join you will need a computer with a headset and ideally a video camera. (You can also use a mobile device but then you won’t be able to share your screen.)

You can test if your system works by joining the room right now. (You will probably be the only person in the room.)


On Windows and Mac this should prompt you to install the Zoom software.

(On Linux this probably won’t work, so click here to download, then select ‘Ubuntu’ and click ‘Download’. Once the package has downloaded, click on it to install it. After that the join link should work. You can also run the Zoom software from your start menu and join the meeting by entering a code: 298-589-6328 )

Before the meeting

  1. Test if your Zoom works by clicking JOIN MEETING even though the meeting has not started yet.