Lets look at game3.py (Level 1)

  1. Load game3.py into Mu. Run it and make sure it works. In the game, what do you need to do to get out of the room?

For loops (Level 1 only)

If you need a reminder how for loops work, watch this video. If you already know you can skip this.

Adventurelib bags (Level 2, optional)

I talked too long in these videos, so skip this one if you like.

Adding items to your game (Level 1)

  1. Tell me three words that are nouns and three words that are verbs. Combine them to make three sentences.

  2. Following the instructions in the video, type or copy the code needed for items to your game (game2.py).

  3. Add at least three items to different rooms in your game.

Locked doors (Level 3)

  1. Add at least 5 more rooms to your game.

  2. Add a locked door to your game.

Bonus task (Level 3)

  1. Download adventure2.zip

  2. Unzip it

  3. Load game4.py into Mu.

  4. Tell me whether it works.

  5. Kill the monster.