Produce your own games.


Those you can do, those who can’t….

Not AAA, but please buy and review!


Practical - re-creating a series of my games using Godot.

Theory will also be covered as necessary.


  • Didn’t get replies to email to tailor course to participants… so who have we got ???

  • Favourite games.

  • Discord.

  • Mobiles.

  • VR headsets.


We will use Git because:

  • Provides free cloud backup
  • Provides free hosting of webpages
  • It’s industry standard
  • (Allows team to collaborate on same project - main reason it’s used in industry)


Primary units

  1. Platform game

    • simple (kinematic) physics
    • tilemaps
  2. Space game

  3. Racing game

    • full physics
  4. High score table

  5. 3D Godot tutorials by Kidscancode

  6. VR wave shooter

Secondary units

Up to you which of these we do…